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This page contains photos of a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado undergoing restoration at Rod Shop Inc. Auto Body, Repair and Painting Stuart, Florida.

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the image.

The car shown below is a example of what can be done given the chance. 

This automobile differs dramatically from many other types of automobiles that are regularly chosen for restoration. It was in rough condition before restoration began but, it was complete and a very solid car. There was very little rust and for a convertible the floors were in near perfect condition. In need of almost everything from tires to paint the restoration began in 1997. 

It is big really BIG. A REALLY BIG CAR. Every thing about this car is big. ( Yes, for those of you who have to ask... the price tag for a restoration like this one is big too, so please don't ask how much, the name Eldorado says it all ) There is not a catalog of remanufactured parts, A to Z from which any thing that would be needed can be purchased. The parts must truly be "Collected"  and then restored not just replaced. The restoration on a vehicle like this takes dedication from its owner and a certain degree of ability from the mechanics involved. 

So, Look and Please don't touch. Unless you are the owner of this Cadillac, then please drive it, drive it, and drive it, even  occasionally FLOOR IT!  ( Just have enough open road in front of you to stop it! )

A BIG THANKS goes out to the owner for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our ability and for his dedication to this project.

eldobefr.jpg (196236 bytes) eldoeng2.jpg (206057 bytes) eldrad1.jpg (186370 bytes) eldobumperbefore1.jpg (333486 bytes) 

The photos above are of the Eldorado during disassembly.

eldoradsupportbefore.jpg (342541 bytes) eldprime.jpg (143981 bytes) eldgrnd.jpg (141796 bytes) eldoengbeforetop.jpg (385369 bytes) 

As the body and rust is being repaired.

eldoengbeforert.jpg (403982 bytes) eljustp.jpg (137665 bytes) eldodoorrt.jpg (340870 bytes) eldoenginenofenders.jpg (358243 bytes) 

The engine before and after and the body just after being painted.

eldoengnofender1.jpg (376072 bytes) eldfrnt.jpg (179975 bytes) eldofloor.jpg (320029 bytes) eldofrntltsusp.jpg (366444 bytes) 

The engine and transmission, completely rebuilt. 

eldogasdoor.jpg (341072 bytes) eldflr.jpg (160021 bytes) eldoengb.jpg (158620 bytes) eldoeng.jpg (177481 bytes) 

Every item on the car was restored, replaced with new or rebuilt.

eldeng1.jpg (160201 bytes) eldinbay.jpg (138523 bytes) eldogrl.jpg (209969 bytes) eldodash2.jpg (172912 bytes) 

All the chrome replated, leather upholstery and top replaced.

eldohood1.jpg (103515 bytes) eldohood2.jpg (158321 bytes) eldotail.jpg (171822 bytes) eldort34.jpg (237468 bytes) 

 You can see a plane at 20 thousand feet in the reflection of the finish.

eldorthoodopen.jpg (203851 bytes) eldorttopdn.jpg (225024 bytes) eldotopgoingdn.jpg (205879 bytes) eldounderhoodrt.jpg (226721 bytes)

Ready for the road again and nearly perfect in every detail.

eldounderhoodlt.jpg (216885 bytes) eldowheel.jpg (180167 bytes) eldoemblem.jpg (95973 bytes) eldorodshop.jpg (156925 bytes)

Go ahead... find a better example. We dare you.


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