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Rod Shop Auto Body Repair & Painting regularly performs appraisals for our Customers and Insurance Clients on Special Interest, Classic and Antique Automobiles. 

We are able to provide you a detailed report and digital photographs of that special automobile. An appraisal such as the one provided by Rod Shop Inc. Auto Body, Repair and Painting in Stuart Florida, provide you with the documentation needed to properly insure and protect your investment.

Please view the following sample Appraisal and decide for yourself. Call us today and make an appointment to have your favorite car appraised

Vehicle Appraisal

Mr. Mustang Owner
555 SE Any street
Any town, Fl, 55555
1966 Ford Mustang Convertible
VIN No. 6R000000000
289cid, 8 Cylinder, 225hp, Automatic Transmission, 
Candy apple Red Acrylic Enamel
with Black Interior

The 1966 sales total of 607,568 worked out to 11,684 Mustangs per week! This boosted the number of Mustangs on the highway to more than 1.250 million units. Average original list price, $2,653.00. By the end of 1966 Mustang had solidly established itself as one of America’s greatest automobiles.

image12.gif (208958 bytes)    reargrn.gif (237206 bytes)

Of the 1966 production totals 422,416 were standard hardtop base models, with standard interiors, but only 12,520 Convertibles with the deluxe (Pony) interior.

I have inspected the above mentioned vehicle for purposes of appraisal and render my appraisal as follows:

This automobile has undergone a high end professional restoration of 90 percent of all its interior, exterior and mechanical components. The upper body, engine, engine compartment and interior have been completely restored to exacting standards. The restoration took two years to properly complete to the current level.

Although this vehicle has not been 100 percent totally restored it has been professionally repainted and very well maintained. The trim and accessories are all intact and in working order. The vehicle is in 95% of its original factory configuration it is of above average quality, workmanship and condition. It is extremely rare to find an example of this make and model in so well preserved and unmolested condition.

The engine, transmission, drive train including rear axle, bucket seats,  pony interior   option, floor shifter, wheel covers, paint   color and all other options  all appear to be original in nature to this vehicle.

engfrnt.gif (256311 bytes)    intlt.gif (214777 bytes)

Of particular note one must notice that this vehicle possesses  the rare factory  installed Thermactor emission control devices that were new for  Ford Motor Company in1966!

Because of the many component, and ample opportunities for vacuum leaks, clogged anti-backfire valves, or defective check valves to cause rough engine performance, the Thermactor system did not meet with universal long-term consumer approval.   In the old days, especially on cars that later departed California for states with no inspection requirements, many of the systems were simply discarded. Today, with stringent emissions regulations and  Concours judging criteria, original Thermactor systems are in great demand and if found in place as the system is on this car make it an extremely valuable option to possess on a 1966 Ford Mustang .

This vehicle also has Power Brakes an option for this vehicle which was not standard or available in 1966. The Power Brake option has only recently been engineered for the 1966 Ford Mustang and is present on this automobile!

Of the many things that make a 1966 Mustang special and stand apart from the previous models and which are present on this automobile are:

- Power Convertible Top.
- A Code 225hp 289ci Engine With Four Barrel Carburetor.
- Thermactor Exhaust Emission Control System.
(DSO 71, Indicates this vehicle was destined for Los Angeles California delivery.)
- Power Brakes.
- Automatic Transmission.
- Power Steering.
- Deluxe Pony Interior W/ Running Horse Embossed Seat Backs .
- Woodgrain Steering Wheel.
- Factory Air Conditioning.
- Floating "Coral" and "Window Blind" slats of the grille.
- Revised Gas Cap.
- Chrome Hood Lip Trim.
- Bright Aluminum wheel well to wheel well Rocker Panel Trim.
- Wire Style Spoke Wheel Covers.
- First Time Ever !!! Standard Equipment Seat Belts Front and Rear.
- Emergency Flashers.
- Back up Lights & Daytime Running Lamps.
- Five Dial Instrument Cluster.
- Trunk Mounted Luggage Rack
- JVC Am/Fm Cassette Stereo Radio with special sound package in kick panels.

This automobile is of significant value not only because of its outstanding condition but also because of its rarity as an example of American automotive history . It is an American Muscle Car. This beautiful vehicle rates as a number Four and one half of a possible Five. I feel that in today's current market, this 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible. would have an average value of Thirty-five Thousand dollars to Forty Thousand dollars (35k-40k). It is sure to appreciate in value. This appraisal is based on, Initial value from the NADA Exotic, Collectible and Special Interest Appraisal Guide, the extensive library of repair and restoration records provided to me and my extensive professional knowledge pertaining to the procedures and costs to procure and restore such a vehicle if one could be found and on a seller willing, but not obligated to sell and a buyer willing but not obligated to buy.

In closing I wanted to mention that Ford not wanting to leave out an important segment of the car buying public, wisely promoted the 1966 Mustang as fun for all ages.

The sales pitch for the year was a quote from George Bernard Shaw ...

Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.



Senior Appraiser
Rod Shop Inc.

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