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This page contains photos of  a Daytona Spider, Ferrari Hybrid undergoing restoration at Rod Shop Inc. Auto Repair and Painting in Stuart Florida:

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the image.

clineimage11.jpg (62472 bytes)    clineimage12.jpg (66323 bytes)    clineimage10.jpg (60395 bytes)    clineimage09.jpg (74350 bytes)

The shell as we received it, stripped down, missing parts rough and wrecked. It will be completely restored, re-fitted and painted in Ferrari yellow. 

clineimage04.jpg (58993 bytes)    clineimage05.jpg (63568 bytes)    clineimage06.jpg (68006 bytes)    clineimage07.jpg (64558 bytes)

The body being removed from the collision damaged frame. The body will be placed on our Steelcrafters Body Roll Over Jig. This device holds a body or frame in place at working height so it can be rotated and then held in position as repairs are performed. Complete cars can be mounted and then rolled over so repairs or paint work can be performed to the bottom sides.

clineimage08.jpg (72434 bytes)    daytonastrip.jpg (65479 bytes)    daytonastrip1.jpg (72930 bytes)    daytonastrip2.jpg (61026 bytes)

The above is the Corvette chassis we will restore and use as a replacement for the damaged one still under the car in the background. The body will be moved through our body shop for removal of the many layers of paint and for fiberglass repairs. Complete surfacing using PPG materials will be performed before being painted. The many panels and fittings will be test fitted and modified before final assembly. 

clineimage005.jpg (83114 bytes)    image06.jpg (72241 bytes)    image07.jpg (66111 bytes)    clineimage008.jpg (81869 bytes)    image09.jpg (86965 bytes)

After restoration of the frame rails the chassis is assembled the engine, transmission, rear axle, rear suspension brakes, misc. hardware and custom front suspension is installed. The chassis will be completely assembled before the body is mated with it. The engine painted in Ferrari yellow, is  brand new, custom pulleys and brackets as well as ac unit, alternator and power steering pump have been added. The rear axle and transmission have been completely rebuilt. 

daytonapainted.jpg (59280 bytes)    daytonapainted1.jpg (65239 bytes)    daytonapainted3.jpg (61608 bytes)    daytonapainted8.jpg (61418 bytes)    daytonapainted9.jpg (49834 bytes)

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